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Un peu de tout

Published by on 23/02/2012

  • Ines Cera
  • on "Taxes" by Michiel De Malsche
  • Techniques: contemporary, Salsa, Improvisation
  • Marion Coubard
  • on "Soliatuh" by Mow
  • Techniques: contemporary, Modern jazz, classical, Neoclassical
  • Sarah Bostoen
  • on "iFami" by Yoko Kikuchi
  • Techniques: contemporary, classical, Contact, Improvisation
  • Lies Debruyn
  • on "Short instrumental piece for dance with dog barking" by 48 Cameras
  • Techniques: contemporary
  • Agnes Pancrassin
  • on "Alpha" by Philippe Jelli
  • Techniques: contemporary, Improvisation
  • Anna Nilsson
  • on "truc1" by Loup Mormont
  • Techniques: contemporary, Improvisation
  • Carole Ronnberg
  • on "Last time we met" by Mow
  • Techniques: Modern jazz, Swing, African
  • Chiharu Otake
  • on "Dancers 01" by George De Decker
  • Techniques: contemporary, Modern jazz, classical, Neoclassical, Other, Improvisation

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