•The dancer arrives at an agreed time that suits his schedule and the production.

•After welcoming and debriefing he goes to the warm-up room where he and others can prepare for their improvisations.

Computers with the participating music arrangements are available for listening.

•A television screen allows dancers warming up to watch the improvisation as they are filmed in the shooting space.

•By group of five, dancers go into the shooting space to get comfortable with the environment and procedures. Bud greets them and explains some important principles concerning the space and the filmed image, the set way of entering, how to know when the 2 minutes are up, ect.

•The dancer indicates what musical piece is to be used (or silence) then camera roles and the dancer enters the space at "real size center" beginning the improvisation with the music, dancing until the end at 2 minutes.

•One after the other, the five dancers dance their first solo and then their second.

•Returning to the warm up room, the dancers view both solos on a computer connected by network to the hard disk where the clips are saved and then choose which solo will participate in the project and sign a contract releasing the rights to the video for public use in the project.

•Finally to the dressing room, free to leave or to hang out.

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