Geneviève Pernin

Geneviève Pernin
53 years, France
Without musical theme

Born 45 years ago, I'm a dancer since I was 25.
I have been dancing with several french dance companies and for 5 years now, I'm also choreographer with my own company named BRRFTTTT.
I use to dance in unusuel places as museum or hospital and I like to offer to the audience an improvisation dance.
I also like to work with a writter and movies maker to create my show.


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Place and date of shooting:
28/02/2011, Vitry-sur-Seine

Style: Intimate, Sensual, Sharp, Intuitive

Technique: contemporary, Improvisation

Lineage (your formative techniques): Jazz, Graham, Post Modern, Release, Improvisation

Sexual orientation: None of your business

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