Cristine Sonia Baraga

Cristine Sonia Baraga
48 years, Italy
on "Alpha" by Philippe Jelli

Professional dancer-performer,started her study of contemporary tecniques with N. Laudati,
Frey Faust,I.Wolfe,K. Koegel,Inaki Azpillaga,Howard Katz.Deepened her path taking workshops and in Italy and Europe.2005 graduated at SEAD Salzburg where work with,i.o.:Keren Levi,
Rebecca Murgi, Martin Sonderkamp, Kate Mattingly, Eileen Stadley, Ori Flomin, Douglas Becker, Mia Lawrence, David Zambrano,Trisha Baumann, Joao da Silva, Libby Farr, David Hernandez.In the same year started to study and deepen Yoga,Viet tai chi and Pilates practise.At TQW was coached by Chris Harring and Richard Siegal,at IFA by Maja Delak,Raffaella Giordano,Big Art Group,Nico & the Navigators.Selected for ChoreographicCollisions in 2007 inside the 5.and 6. biennale intern.di Venezia,under the direction of Ismael Ivo work with Ted Stoffer,Lutz Gregor,Mi Na Yoo,Reinhild Hoffmann,Jacopo Godani,where she created “beutymythication”premierred june 2008.Started own research choreography/video in 2006.Since 2007 dancer for c.ia Il Posto/Vertical Dance,dir.WandaMoretti.


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Place and date of shooting:
8/04/2009, Brussels


Style: Relaxed, Energetic, Explosive, Cool, Intimate, Sensual, Nervous, Fragmented

Technique: contemporary, Salsa, Contact, Improvisation

Lineage (your formative techniques): Post Modern, Release, Oriental, Contact, Improvisation, Martial arts

Eating habits: Omnivore

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Spirituality/Religion: Other

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