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42 years, France
on "truc1" by Loup Mormont

I'm Born in France and i'm french. when i was a teenager, i was very my armenian cultur. At 18 years old, i stop the high school and i start to learn hairdressing. In the same time, i discover armenian folk dance and i fond in love of dance. I start to practic ballet dance and i continu my job, heardressing.
At 29, i stop hairdressing because i want make more place in my life to dance. I decide to dance all my time. I discover contempory dance and i learn very much with many teachers in differents dance school and center in Paris. Before with the armenian folk dance company, i can dance in many place and stage in the world...
To day, i' m gradueted contempory dance teacher and dance for many artist director...

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Place and date of shooting:
26/02/2011, Vitry-sur-Seine


Style: Energetic, Explosive, Fonctional

Technique: contemporary, Folk

Lineage (your formative techniques): Limon, Cunningham, Other, Improvisation

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