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Clara Henry

Clara Henry
29 years, France
on "Movement_016" by Emiel Redant

I began dance when I was 4 year old. I went in a Conservatory to learn classical and contemporary dance. During this formation, I needed to dance for me in personal projects, happenings of dance, theatre, in public place, in the streets and museums. I have danced in a dance-theater, "mime" and "conte" compagny during 2 years. Then I came in Paris to discover other ways to dance and other way to use my body and to be expressive. So, now, I'm interresting in martial art, capoeira, theatre... It's really important for me to find who I am by and through my dance, what I want to say and how.
Furthermore, I've studied History of Art.

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Place and date of shooting:
28/02/2011, Vitry-sur-Seine


Style: Energetic, Explosive, Sensual, Intuitive, Spiritual

Technique: contemporary, classical, Contact, Improvisation

Lineage (your formative techniques): Classical, Contact, Improvisation, Martial arts

Sexual orientation: Heterosexual

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