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Ciro Carcatella

Ciro Carcatella
51 years, Belgium
Without musical theme

Ciro Carcatella’s interest in dance reveals an historical approach.
Dance is matter, in the same way that it is for painters and sculptors, ever evolving, open to interrogation.
Concept and form blend in harmony within the matter; it would be unfavourable to exclude form in its pure essence.
Incessantly creating new forms in dance is in itself and intrinsically a concept.
“The analysis of movement takes me first to its technical development isolating various elements of movement composed throughout the creation.
My scenic work is an assemblage of my rigorous choreographic vocabulary and its continuous development.”

A rational evolution in contemporary dance necessitates a meeting between various artistic disciplines.
Not to the detriment of
quality, on the contrary towards mutual and legitimate inspiration.
“My work is not only about artistic discipline. Deep reflections on Science and Philosophy, which are natural nutrients of human evolution, are the driving forces on my choreographic body of work.”

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Views: 2542

Place and date of shooting:
9/04/2009, Brussels

Style: Relaxed

Technique: contemporary

Lineage (your formative techniques): Classical, Release

Zodiac sign: Cancer

Sexual orientation: None of your business

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