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Cindy Clech

Cindy Clech
26 years, France
on "Beta" by Philippe Jelli

I'm a contemporary dancer. I've began at the age of 4, first by jazz and classical dance, and after all I learned contemporary. I've found in this dance an expression of my self.
I've my own company since 2006, and I continue to dance next. Now, I work for an other company like an administrator. I want to dance with pleasure, for ever, it's why it's not my work !

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Place and date of shooting:
26/02/2011, Vitry-sur-Seine


Style: Energetic, Cool, Sensual, Fragmented

Technique: contemporary, Modern jazz, Contact, Improvisation

Lineage (your formative techniques): Classical, Generic modern, Jazz, Cunningham, Graham, Post Modern, Release, Latino, Contact, Improvisation

Eating habits: Carnivore

Zodiac sign: Pisces

Politics: Utopian

Spirituality/Religion: Hare Krishna

Sexual orientation: Heterosexual

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