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Sybrig Dokter

Sybrig Dokter
63 years, Sweden
Without musical theme

Sybrig Dokter is a dancer, dance maker and teacher from the Netherlands living in Sweden from 1995. After graduating from the Danceacademy in Rotterdam she worked as a dancer in New York and Canada before moving back to Europe. She has performed work by other choreographers as well as creating her own work. Her teaching and performing has taken her amongst others to the Baltic countries, Russia, Scandinavia and Great Britain.

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Place and date of shooting:
7/10/2009, Paris

Style: Relaxed, Sensual, Fonctional

Technique: contemporary, classical, Other, Contact, Improvisation

Lineage (your formative techniques): Classical, Limon, Cunningham, Graham, Post Modern, Contact, Improvisation

Eating habits: Omnivore

Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Politics: Progressive

Spirituality/Religion: Other

Sexual orientation: None of your business

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