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Barbara Pereyra

Barbara Pereyra
40 years, Argentina
Without musical theme

Barbara has been studyind dance since she was 5 years old.first ballet in her small city in the Pampas and then contemporary in Buenos Aires metropol.She received a grant to participate in A merican dance festival and Southamerican dance festival in Chili 2001.In 2002 she arrived in Europe, studying and dancing in Amsterdam, Berlin,Paris and Belgium, where she is ased after seven years.She currently works as free dancer/improviser/performer participating in international projects in Africa, Turkey, Slovenia and Buenos Aires.She is co-creator of the association Fantaman Productions y Matelisto contemporary movements to develop and promote projects in between visual art and performance together with the belgium visual artist Filip Van Dingenen.She is also part of the collective Soloconversations working on the field of improvisation perfromance, she works currently in residence with a team of 8 dancers in La Reffinerie-Charleroi Danses.

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Views: 3137

Place and date of shooting:
8/04/2009, Brussels

Style: Cool

Technique: contemporary, Swing, Hip Hop, Funky, Contact, Improvisation

Lineage (your formative techniques): Graham, Improvisation

Eating habits: Raw

Zodiac sign: Pisces

Politics: Utopian

Spirituality/Religion: Other

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