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Thomas Lagrève

Thomas Lagrève
35 years, France
on "truc1" by Loup Mormont

I'm a contemporary dancer inspired by a large type of experiences.
I began to dance by a classical class and 6 years later I started contemporary courses.
At 19 y.o , I was in a professionnal school of jazz dance.
I never wanted keep a traditionnal point of view of dance. In this way, I was involved in different projects as performer dancer in collaboration with artists painters film maker musicians and fashion designers.

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Place and date of shooting:
7/10/2009, Paris


Style: Relaxed, Energetic, Explosive, Cool, Intimate, Suave, Intuitive, Obessionnal, Spiritual

Technique: contemporary, Modern jazz, Contact, Improvisation

Lineage (your formative techniques): Classical, Generic modern, Jazz, Release, Contact, Improvisation

Eating habits: Carnivore

Zodiac sign: Taurus

Sexual orientation: Homosexual

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