DANCERS! Installation

DANCERS! is not only a website in global cyberspace but also a monumental interactive installation in physical space that can be situated in a public area such as museums, festivals, commercial spaces or other places where people pass or congregate.


•Monumental life size image 6m x 3.50m (16/9 wide format)

•High Definition quality projection

•Control island w/ touch screen, computer video server and video projector

•Sound in 5-channel surround creates sonic perspective of solos

•Public space with controlled ambient lighting

•Easy access, no doors into space

•Very public so as to attract passerbys

• The presenter provides the space, screen, 5 amplified speakers and powerful HD video projector

• We bring the console and install it, teach the simple method of starting and shutting it down.

• We return to break it down and transport the console at the end of the installatin period.

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